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I like to think of my art practice as an opportunity to interpret and explore the world around me, to use it to play and create work that challenges the normal, the viewer, people, their culture, behaviour and the world society or environment in which we/they live. My artwork takes a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing sculptural works, installations, interactive/performative pieces, photography, video, audio and site-specific works. My subjects change and intertwine in line with my curiosity, autobiographical memory, experiences, my time and place and the now, as opposed to being consistent or within a cube.
My artworks often have an element or sense of playfulness or satire that may be communicated through (but not limited to) conceptual art, the aesthetics or idea art, inviting people to interpret and to be subjective, to share their thoughts and opinions, thus creating an opening for questions, issues and new avenues to be explored through an anthropological approach. Repeat.
I aim to invite you to take a new or multiple perspectives on a given subject, to challenge yourself to interrelate the works with your own experiences and ecology.

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