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Street is a work that grew during my studies of psychology, child development and a project I was undertaken in Dublin City Center, more specifically the Thomas and Francis Street area.

From a young age, I always had a fascination with the culture and atmosphere of the open-air markets in Dublin, specifically Moore Street and then into Francis Street where I had only recently discovered. The apparent community, friendships and characters always seemed to bring a space to life and within the space would be the iconic pram

In Street, I merge the concept of trust, with the object, the pram or pushchair in this case. Most people might regard life itself as being the most cherished thing in life, more specifically, newborns or the young. Here I invite people to look at the street from a child's perspective; straight ahead, low down, out in front, no parent, no protector insight and sometimes in the way of possible harm.

In Street, we must place trust within our partner, friend, peer and fellow human being.  

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