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While travelling along some of Ireland's motorways and national roads, we get to experience some artworks, at a glance.

As I spent a lot of time within the space of my car, commuting from Monaghan to Dublin each day for college, my observations and curiosity grew; What do we see, what don't we see or perhaps to put it better what do we choose to see or not to see. 

In Road Art I explored some key artworks that I constantly passed, each produced through the Per Cent for Art scheme. I made time to stop, go to, look and view these artworks, unlike many people who are not awarded or avail of the opportunity to do so, but how are these artworks meant to be received; viewed, glanced at, ignored, inspected or are they meant to be received at all?

Road Art consists of a video piece inviting people to view the artworks in a virtual space, to see them close up and one at a glance as often the case. Accompanying the video piece are road art souvenirs - seize an opportunity to remember your visit.

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