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We live in a material culture where we often find ourselves having the need or desire to own objects, stuff and things. Such things as structures, shelters or spaces. In Ireland today we are faced with many problems around these topics. 
I am interested in the need or desire for structure, shelter or a space. How these can be temporary and tailored to an individual’s needs or situation and how they affect an individual physically and/or mentally. This feeds into human behavioural ecology which I find quite interesting and feel it is important to acknowledge.
Makeshift, 2019 is an installation consisting of one room. The room is fitted with simple bare necessities to represent a kitchen. Including a table, seating, a sink and a hot plate suitable for cooking. Objects left in the space give a sense of an absent physical presence.
Occupying the space is a 5’ 24’’ audio piece. The piece is an extracted conversation turned into a one-way discussion allowing the viewer to become the third party within the work and being forced to construct a narrative in between the blanks.

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