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Water Fell is a site-specific piece that was exhibited as a somewhat of a tongue in cheek, response to the increased footfall in Castleshane Forest in County Monaghan, and the surge of visitors [tourists] to its hidden gem, the waterfall.

To really go beneath the surface and to the root of why this sudden spark of tourism came to light is due to deforestation and the felling of trees within the forest, making it a more open, welcoming and accessible space for many. 

As part of the piece, located in the forest was s a number of signs inviting people to follow directions to the site and to experience Water Fell. Upon reaching the site inquisitive tourists were met with a sign, asking them not to remove the piece [reaction] along with the physical body of the work; two water bottles, one labelled water - upright and one labelled fell - fell.

This work was successful as it touched base with some important aspects without delving too deep, it has also brought about many interesting subjects and areas of interest that can be developed further and may result in additional site-specific artworks.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Isaac Newton

Water Fell: Text
Water Fell: Pro Gallery
Water Fell: Text
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