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Three Felling 2021

Three Felling 2021 was a site-specific piece installed in Castleshane Forest (Monaghan) that developed on from Water Fell 2021. The piece came to realisation through the development of drawings and proposals, taken a satirical stance on often morbid and repetitive subjects.

The primary purpose of the work was to explore and experiment with the use of signs, wordplay, text-based work, and how people react or interact with them, this further evolved interest into how we as humans learn, and how our environments and experiences aid and/or hinder our learning.

After exploring a number of materials to achieve the desired result, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) came out on top. This was a fitting material of choice as it is created using the tops of the trees in the vicinity after being felled, (tree felling was in operation at the time of the work being installed).

Often the process takes precedence over the realised work, and this was the case through the ritual of visiting and documenting the work, and interactions with the work from the tourists, until the work was removed [stolen].

Three Felling: Text
Three Felling: Pro Gallery
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