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'Vulnerable Freedom' - In Situ-.jpg

Vulnerable Freedom 2021

A vehicle,

The conversation,

A travelling message,

Challenge, to develop.

A practice; to play and create.

An ongoing and developing project aimed at using a vehicle as a travelling studio, to conduct a journey, to develop and disseminate a contemporary art practice.

Although in flux, the car is at a current point of examining personal, public and private space, current gender and socially challenging issues, masculinity and the often-perceived view of the car being an extension of the body, (in particular the young male) and the illusion of power and control, while remaining fragile and vulnerable.

Physically, the interior of the vehicle has the sense of an inhabitant and externally has grown a sculptural structure that is embodied by a video piece. The work is activated by the body that enters the car; the private, personal yet public space, to peer through the windscreen and in doing so, appropriate the voyeur’s position.

Vulnerable Freedom: Text
Vulnerable Freedom: Pro Gallery
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