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"This job you’re doing is so hard that one lifetime isn’t enough to master it. So every single one of you needs to accept the commitment to carry on improving our practice until we retire or die. That is the deal.”

Dylan Wiliam 

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Teaching Philosophy 

I believe education is indispensable and should be delivered to every individual and not just the few. We are all unique individuals, students, and teachers alike. Each one of us has our own mentality, skills, and abilities that we take with us into the learning environment. I believe it is the educator's duty to be a caring, responsible role model and to acknowledge all individuals and their attributes and to create a safe and positive learning environment for each learner to shine as an individual while respecting their fellow peers and teachers. I endorse Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the importance of the basic needs for each individual. To accompany and facility these needs there must be a concrete foundation to support a positive learning environment and to provide opportunities to build a positive teacher-student rapport, and from this, learners are given a greater opportunity to develop and to scaffold their learning and to continue to become unique, ambitious and successful lifelong learners.

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